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Photo Gallery

View our collection of beautiful orchid and butterfly photos with information about each picture. Click on the thumbnails to view larger photos.

Visit Our Garden

Take the time and enter this little wonder world, full of the most beautiful butterflies. Enjoy peace and magic while exploring our exotic garden. Follow a winding garden path and reach a splashing waterfall. Discover our birds and stroll amongst beautiful orchids, waterlilies and other flowers while butterflies flutter around you. You may even be lucky enough to have them land on you!

Contact Us

Education for schools

We offer a safe and sheltered environment where children can learn through experience and observation. Included in a school visit is an interactive lesson adapted to the age group of the class with the requirements of the curriculum in mind. Please contact us for more information.

A Butterfly's Life

Educational material and photos about the life cycle of a butterfly. These images are from our own butterfly breeding program.

Our Shop

Our souvenir shop offers almost everything in relation to butterflies from adorable frames to zingy magnets at very reasonable prices.

Coffe Shop

Attached to the butterfly house is a small coffe shop. We offer hot and cold drinks, morning and afternoon teas and lunches for groups, ice creams and snacks.